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“Play Something You Believe In, Volumes 1 & 2” from The Jason Lee McKinney Band, provides listeners with the best of both worlds. Volume 1 features 11 electric alt-country rock tunes that are designed to get you and your significant other (or even a perfect stranger) up on the dance floor, while Volume 2 strips down to the basics, giving you the chance to catch your breath, sip on your favorite cold beverage and nod your head in time to the beat. My favorite cuts include the acoustic “Sinking Stone,” the funky throwback “Midnight in Memphis,” and the meandering, mellow and occasionally melancholy “Summer Makes The Sunshine.” Whether you lean toward amped or acoustic, you’ve got to appreciate the artistry of McKinney and Company. And at $15 bucks for a double-CD featuring 18 tunes, you definitely get your money’s worth.”
“Over the last several years this band has developed a sound that combines a lot unique styles that can clearly be heard on this double header….I don’t know if McKinney realizes it or not but he has played something all of us can believe.”
“The Jason Lee McKinney Band has teetered against the edges of several different genres on their previous releases with an alt country sound that touched on rock, singer/songwriter and Texas country. However, their double volume release Play Something You Believe mashes all of those influences together into one ambitious 19-song collection. Volume 1, the electric edition of this release, pulls together an eclectic blend of styles to create a different feel from song to song, but a feel that somehow plays off of one another quite well….Volume 2, the acoustic edition of this release, gives us an entirely different look at what their arsenal has to offer….Regardless of which volume you prefer, the songs are all designed to grab your attention whether it’s through a toe-tapping melody or heartstring pulling lyric. The Band took major chances with this release and the risks have paid off as they have defined their solid songwriting and take a large step forward……..”
Play Something You Believe. During back-to-back recording sessions in Memphis, Tennessee and Murray, Kentucky, McKinney asserted a freedom he had never before. Beckoning back to the classic music of the 70’s (complete with saxophone that would make Springsteen proud), the first volume features a throwback style before people started sitting down to write for radio, back to when they just wrote great songs. “Back when it was about connecting with people, not fitting a format.” The biting, devilish humor McKinney is known for is still ever-present, but it is more raw and honest than ever. 

“Play Something You Believe is both the title of the latest two disc effort from the Jason Lee McKinney Band and their new found mantra. McKinney stopped writing for radio airplay and started writing for himself. The resulting rock & roll is a sprawling effort that hits lots of bases along the way.  You can hear strains of everything from Led Zeppelin to Tom Petty in this album. Volume 1 of the collection is an electric blues rock disc. The songs on Volume 2 are more in the acoustic vein with vocal centered tunes with acoustic guitar and piano.” – Calvin Powers (Americana Music Show)

Tune into KHYI to hear Jason Lee McKinney’s ‘Lisha’s Leaving.’ You can get that song and the rest of ‘Play Something You Believe’ on the Jason Lee McKinney Band website.

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